Empowering Women and Teaching How To Manage Stress

Melinda Rae is the Founder of Girls in Power, an Empowerment Program aimed at empowering young girls and women who want to manage stress feel more capable, confident, and joyful each day as they find a new sense of value and passion in their lives.

empowering women

My goal is to help women, mothers, and teens feel more capable and confident even when life seems to be spinning out of control ~ Melinda Rae

Melinda is pleased to be able to share with you resources that will help you begin a journey of self-discovery and learn about yourself…. things that many women are never taught as young girls growing up, living our lives, running a household, working through relationships, raising children, and things that keep us occupied in our minds. Welcome to a world where your thoughts begin to be those of peace, gratefulness, excitement, and  new opportunities to live each day with a new perspective and one of hope as you tap into your purpose and why you are here.

Melinda is giving away a Secret 3 Step Formula that has helped her and many others to control their stress, fear, and worry.  Grab it here Free


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